ITT accepting nominations for Pump Appreciation Day

Anyone in an industrial organisation that uses pumps may nominate an individual to the by filling out an online form with the nominee's name, title, employer and contact information. The nominator also has the option of supplying a photo and a short story about the nominee. Criteria include:

  • Improving pump efficiency
  • Providing outstanding maintenance
  • Solving engineering or manufacturing challenges
  • Exceeding expectations and providing extra effort to keep pumps running
  • Exemplifying high-quality customer service.

If the nominee is selected, officials at ITT Goulds Pumps will add the name to its Honour Roll. They will also receive a special recognition on 10 April, the first Pump Appreciation Day.

"Industrial pumps are the heart of industry, and behind every working pump are talented people who specify, operate and maintain them," said Robert J Pagano Jr, president of the ITT Industrial Process business. "It's our goal to recognize as many of those unsung heroes as we can, so we encourage people to nominate their co-workers and colleagues who fit the criteria."

Pump Appreciation Day will also include the Heart of Industry Awards for companies or plants nominated by ITTGoulds Pumps sales offices and distributors, consumer education and local events.