John Crane offers Global Standardized Upstream Pumping Support System

John Crane has launched the Global Standardized Upstream Pumping Support System (GS USP) that delivers unpressurized barrier water for optimal mechanical seal performance and centrifugal pump uptime.

John Crane's GS-USP-R.
John Crane's GS-USP-R.

The GS USP is a best-practice solution that significantly reduces specification review and delivery schedules. The product pairs with upstream pumping seals. By providing a standardized support system, John Crane says users will benefit from reduced complexity, small footprint and lower total cost of ownership.

“The addition of a standardized support system to our one-of-a-kind upstream pumping technology makes it easier for our customers to take advantage of the reliability and environmental benefits it delivers,” said Ian Smedley, John Crane Product Line Director, Support Systems. “By reducing complexity and lowering total cost of ownership, our customers will be able to implement this technology on a broader range of applications.”

The GS USP is available in two versions: GS-USP-R and GS-USP-D.

GS-USP-R includes a reservoir of stored barrier fluid; this product is limited to the barrier pressure it can provide to the mechanical seal but contains a stored volume of barrier fluid which allows the seal to run for several hours if the water supply is lost.

GS-USP-D omits the reservoir and connects the seal directly to the water supply; the pressure-reducing valve allows higher pressure to be passed on to the barrier fluid from the supply.

John Crane's GS-USP-D. -

GS USP’s best-practice design delivers clean, low-pressure barrier water for optimal mechanical seal performance and centrifugal pump uptime. Features of the GS USP include instrumentation to suit the user’s monitoring needs, a direct connection to site water supply, ability to supply a small pressure to the mechanical seal, safeguards against the toughest environments, full containment of volatile organic compounds for zero-emission control, streamlined design to minimize footprint and obstruction. These allow the reliable operation of an upstream pumping mechanical seal to achieve high reliability, zero-emission sealing of volatile or hazardous fluids