Johnson Pump Marine's Aqua Void Cartridge Bilge Pump offers boaters ease and efficiency

Johnson Pump Marine, a brand of SPX Flow, unveiled its latest offering in marine technology, the Aqua Void Cartridge Bilge Pump.

Image © Andrea - Adobe Stock.

The Aqua Void offers:

  • Unparalleled convenience: The pump is designed with single-handed access, perfect for tight bilge spaces. It provides quick installation and removal of the pump body, along with an easy click-in basket for simple installation, cleaning or inspection.
  • Industry-first quick-change motor connection: This feature means quick and hassle-free cartridge motor changes or capacity upgrades.
  • Enhanced efficiency and higher flow rate: With an enhanced motor and high-flow impeller, it uses the latest technology to achieve heightened efficiency and an increased flow rate while conserving energy consumption.
  • Reliable performance under demanding conditions: Johnson Pump Marine is renowned for industry-leading reliability. The Aqua Void features robust construction and meticulous engineering, ensuring durability and performance even in the toughest environments.

Michael Strålman, General Manager, Johnson Pump Marine, 'This pump was designed with all boaters in mind. When you're out on the water — whether it's a lake or ocean, fishing or simply relaxing — ease, convenience and reliability are essential. We are excited to share this new bilge pump that brings all those features and more to our customers.'