Johnson Pump's Belgian facility reaches 1,000 days with zero accidents

Johnson Pump’s manufacturing facility in Erpe-Mere, Belgium has achieved 1,000 consecutive days without any safety accidents or injuries.

A Johnson Pump manufacturing team member in Erpe-Mere
A Johnson Pump manufacturing team member in Erpe-Mere

The achievement contributes to parent company SPX Flow Inc reaching its lowest recorded incident rate ever, a 48% reduction since 2022.

The Erpe-Mere facility specializes in assembling configure-to-order internal gear pumps and complete pump units with electric motors or gear motors under the Johnson Pump brand.

“Safety is at the forefront of everything we do in Erpe-Mere,” said site leader Frank Vander Beken. “Through a series of initiatives, actions, projects and programs, we have fostered a culture where safety is integrated into every aspect of our production process. Thanks to the continuous efforts of the team, safety is no longer seen as a standalone item but is instead ingrained in our entire operation.”

SPX Flow’s Safe and Sound company-wide safety observation program encourages team members to proactively address potential hazards and speak up when they notice unsafe conditions.

Safe and Sound focuses on three key pillars: Speak Up, Reach Out and Take Action. Each team member is empowered to speak up when they notice at-risk behaviors or conditions, reach out to get necessary support and then take action to address concerns.

Every month, team members practicing safety measures are recognized during the local town hall meeting and receive a special ‘Safety in Action’ award.

Bi-weekly meetings are held to review the site dashboard, safety alerts and prevention hierarchy, helping team members become familiar with environmental, health and safety concepts.

"Once we involved team members from a proactive standpoint, we removed fear of regulation and shifted the safety perspective and culture entirely,” said Arend Gruenewaelder, SPX Flow’s EMEA environment, health and safety manager. “By involving everyone in the process, we're discovering the great things we can achieve together, even in the face of challenges.”

SPX Flow tracks safety incidents in accordance with guidelines from the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

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