Kirloskar Brothers launches end suction pump for the global market

India’s Kirloskar Brothers Limited has launched the DB xe end suction pump for industrial applications.

The DB xe pump.

Conforming to EN733 & DIN24255, the pump features a back pull-out design, wide interchangeability dry shaft design, as well as cylindrical and conical stuffing box.

The pump has a temperature range of -10°–90°C, suction pressure up to 5 kg/cm2 and sealed bearings. In addition, the pump is made of optional materials, including CF8M and CF8 impeller as well as cast iron and bronze.

The DB xe pump will be manufactured in India and exported to key international markets such as Europe, USA, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and countries in the Indian Subcontinent.

“The DB xe pump promises superior efficiency and high performance,” said Alok Kirloskar, non-executive and non-independent director, and managing director, Kirloskar Brothers International BV. “The pump is designed to provide superior value and world-class features that meet the global benchmark of minimum efficiency index.”

DB xe pumps are mainly used for clear liquids which are free from suspended solids/particles such as in water supply, drinking water, air-conditioning, firefighting and industrial water.