KSB ITUR opens new pump testing plant in Spain

The pump testing plant has nine test beds and can accommodate up to 75 pumps per day. Designed by KSB engineers from Germany, Brazil and Spain, the testing plant operates the same process management modules and programmes as the KSB manufacturing plants in Frankenthal and Halle, Germany. These programmes will enable engineers in the Spanish manufacturing plant to synchronise work in real-time with their colleagues in Germany using an external communications network, and for test programmes to be managed and controlled from both countries. It will also contribute to the setting-up of a Global Test Complex in which KSB production centres will share information, processes and data.

KSB ITUR director general Danilo Camilo said that the new facility is one of the most comprehensive and advanced in the world and allows KSB ITUR to streamline pump assembly and undertake comprehensive testing procedures in accordance with many international standards and customer specifications. “KSB ITUR is addressing new markets and all of these have high levels of demand and highly specific requirements,” said Camilo. “There is also a growing demand for inspection and test, so it is incumbent on us a leading pump manufacturer to respond to current and future market demands. That is why we are making this massive investment in our infrastructure.”