KSB sells 3 French service companies

The German pump and valve manufacturer KSB is continuing to restructure its French service activities with the sale of three maintenance companies to the Orano group.

KSB Service Énergie (KSE) and its subsidiary Société de Travaux et d’Ingénierie Industrielle (STII) specialise in nuclear maintenance while KSB Service Cotumer (KSC) provides industrial and energy sector maintenance.

KSE is one of the few integrated service providers authorised by EDF to bid for its multi-year valve maintenance tenders for its nuclear power stations. KSC offers turnkey maintenance services at its workshop in eastern France and on site.

KSE and STII employ around 200 people, while KSC has almost 100 employees.

“By selling these three companies, we are continuing the restructuring of our service activities which we started at the beginning of the year,” said KSB CEO Stephan Timmermann. “As part of the expansion of the KSB SupremeServ brand, we are focussing on our core activities in the area of services and spare parts where we can achieve sustainable, profitable growth. We are confident that the acquisition of our three companies by Orano will open up new opportunities for their development.”

Earlier this year, KSB sold SPI Énergie, a provider of services for industrial compressed air systems, to process engineering services specialist Duffau.