KSB to invest €60mn in Eta pump production at Frankenthal HQ

KSB is making a €60 million investment over the next five years in its Eta pump production facility at the company’s headquarters in Frankenthal, Germany.

KSB's site in Frankenthal, Germany.
KSB's site in Frankenthal, Germany.

The production of Eta pumps will be modernised and expanded, making Frankenthal the centre of excellence for the latest generation of electronically controlled pumps in Europe.

This is one of the largest single investments the company has ever made.

In order to remain competitive at the Frankenthal site in the future, KSB will comprehensively modernise the growing Eta production facility by 2029 in line with the latest technological and energy standards. New extensions will create space so that processing machines, assembly and logistics can be restructured and older parts of the facility can be completely refurbished before being reutilised. The plans for the energy-efficient redesign of production also include converting the drying of a new colouring system to the local heating network of the new heating centre at the site and installing photovoltaic systems on the roofs. In addition, framework agreements have been prepared so that Eta employees can work more flexibly.

KSB is already manufacturing the new, energy-efficient and sustainably produced EtaLine Pro pump generation for building services applications at the Eta production facility in Frankenthal. Conversions to Eta production are also necessary in order to be able to adapt further pump series to meet future energy efficiency requirements.

KSB will make the investment without the funding that the company applied for from the federal government.

“With this investment, we are making a clear commitment to Germany as a business location, knowing full well that the general conditions in Germany are difficult,” said Dr Stephan Timmermann, CEO of KSB. “We would have liked this investment in energy-efficient and sustainable pumps 'Made in Germany' to be subsidised. After all, we are strengthening the location and the region in the long term. We regret that this overarching economic policy decision did not come to fruition. We are now taking the investment into our own hands and financing this future-oriented project in Frankenthal with our own funds.”

KSB says that the measures will strengthen the competitiveness of the Eta site in Frankenthal. The headquarters was selected over alternative locations in Eastern Europe, which the company examined. The company’s board of directors approved the plans in December 2023, subject to a funding commitment from the federal government.

“After carefully weighing up all the pros and cons and taking into account the responsibility for the workforce and the region, KSB nevertheless decided in favour of the investment at its headquarters,” said Timmermann.

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