Landia supplies 17 pumps for new WWTP in China

Denmark’s Landia has delivered 17 pumps for a new water & wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Shandong province in the north east of China.

The pumps, which were transported by train from Germany to China, include Landia’s axial propeller pumps (AXP) to provide recirculation of activated sludge. The AXP model can also pump large amounts of water at low back pressure.

Landia also provided two styles of its chopper pump which was invented by the company in 1950. Submersible DG pumps will handle heavily contaminated liquids, as well as liquids with a high dry matter content. Meanwhile, Landia’s MPTK chopper pump was also specified. Both chopper pumps benefit from being equipped with Landia’s external knife system that prevents clogging.

Thorkild Maagaard, Landia’s sales director, said: “Once again, China has demonstrated its understanding of investing in pumps that will stand the test of time. And although our equipment was transported by train for 15 days, we are also proud to have delivered within deadline; actually, being first on site.”

This latest Landia order in China follows numerous previous pump, mixer and biogas digester installations, at sites including Dalian, Matougang and Beijing.