Larox Flowsys introduces lower cost model

According to Larox Flowsys, while the existing version offers multiple automatic input/output control and alarm modes, the new basic version will have only single manual output control mode. Technical features such as the flow rate, pressure and suction lift remain, but the facility to programme remote adjustment and different feedback signals are omitted from the basic model.

Larox Flowsys says that the basic version - LPP-M2-B - will be more economical than the ‘smart’ LPP-M2-S version and is ideal for processes that have their own control centre and do not need a separate one in each pump.

The Larox Flowsys range consists of LPP-T (transferring) pumps with a flow rate of 0.22-40 m3/h, LPP-D (dosing) pumps with flow rates of 0.06-2 m3/h, and LPP-M pumps with a flow rate range of 0.23-126 l/h. Larox Flowsys adds that its pumps provide low life-cycle costs because they have low energy requirements. They are also easy and quick to maintain and the only part that wears, the hose, has a long service life.