Maag Pump Systems merges with Automatik Plastics Machinery

Maag Pump Systems is one of the largest providers worldwide for gear pumps, filtration systems and screen changers for the plastics industry, as well as for chemical and industrial processes.

Automatik Plastics Machinery is the leader in pelletizing systems for manufacturing plastic pellets. The new group is headed by Ueli Thürig, the CEO of Maag Pump Systems, and both companies will keep their existing brand names. Together, Maag Pump Systems and Automatik Plastics Machinery have around 460 employees and a turnover of E100 million.

“With the merger, we can offer customers high-quality components and complete, integrated systems for plastic processing. We are thus becoming the largest provider in this segment worldwide,” said Ueli Thürig. The new group is planning to increase current turnover by more than 50% by 2012.

“We’ve been working together on projects for different customers for many years. The merger is a logical consequence of the complementary product ranges of the two companies,” said Roger Stehr, CEO of Automatik Holding.

Automatik Plastics Machinery has been owned by the Swiss private equity company CGS Management since November 2008 while Maag Pump Systems has been part of the Clyde Blowers Capital Fund since 2008. CGS Management and Clyde Blowers will each hold a 50% stake in the new group.