Metallized Carbon bearings for low viscosity liquids

Metcar offers custom bearings for 
running submerged in low viscosity liquids.
Metcar offers custom bearings for running submerged in low viscosity liquids.

Claiming them to be superior to plastic and metal bearings, Metcar carbon-graphite bearings run in applications ranging from - 400 to 1000 ºF and can handle most common liquids, like water, gasoline, hot oil, solvents, strong chemicals, molten metals, liquefied gases and beverages.

According to the Metallized Carbon Corporation, plastic or polymer bearing materials often fail in submerged applications because of their tendencies to swell, soften or deteriorate. Metallic bearings are often unsatisfactory because the hydrodynamic film provided by low viscosity liquids is not thick enough to overcome the strong atomic attraction between metal bearings and the metal shaft.

Carbon-graphite is a self-polishing and dimensionally stable material. Shafts polished to a fine surface finish will polish the carbon-graphite material to the same fine finish, so a thin hydrodynamic film is sufficient to provide lubrication. The custom bearings, available in more than 150 grades of Metcar’s proprietary carbon/graphite material, are aimed at applications including water pumps, fuel pumps, chemical pumps, heat transfer pumps, meters, mixers and submerged conveyors.

Metcar bearings for running submerged can be provided to customer print or customer approved dimensions and tolerances. They are also available shrink-fitted into metal housings, or metal retaining rings.