Metcar Grade M-400 resin impregnated carbon-graphite

This material is recommended for machine parts that must run submerged in water, water-based chemicals, or organic chemicals with low friction and long wear life. This self-lubricating material is non-porous, high in strength, and heat resistant to 500 F. This material is recommended for such parts as mechanical seal faces, submerged bearings, pump vanes, pump end plates, packing rings, and rotary joint rings.

Metallized Carbon Corporation can supply Metcar Grade M-400 parts that are machined to meet customer size specifications. Metcar Grade M-400 material is also available in 56 standard blank sizes so that customers with access to machining facilities can machine M-400 blanks to fabricate their own Grade M-400 finish parts. Metcar Grade M-400 is also approved for use in potable water and food contact applications. All Metcar standard plain bearings, thrust washers, pillow blocks, and flange blocks can be supplied with grade M-400 bearing material.

Bearings manufactured from Metcar materials are self-lubricating, non-galling, dimensionally stable and have high compressive strength. Boasting excellent lubricating qualities and long life, these materials are completely homogenous and provide continuous lubrication for their service life, making them an excellent candidate for bearings, bearing assemblies and mechanical components for operating submerged in liquids.