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Multiphase 2017 aims to find solutions for oil & gas industry

Appealing to a mix of academics and industrial practitioners, the conference is organized by the BHR Group, which is working in conjunction with international publishers, Elsevier, who will publish abstracts online.

The Cannes Conference has an international reputation as a strong technical event presenting peer-reviewed papers of the highest quality and is regarded as the premier event in the field for all engineers involved with any aspect of multiphase technology.

Pressures on oil & gas companies demand greater understanding of flow assurance, multiphase flows and production chemistry, and in-house expertise cannot always cover all successful innovative developments. The networking that the Conference provides is a key added benefit to the presentations.

Multiphase production solutions have enabled the oil & gas industry to improve its production performance, extend its operations and enter progressively more technically challenging areas. The lessons learned, the modelling techniques developed and the practical experiences of its users are of value to engineers in a range of industries including oil & gas, process, chemicals, mining, water and power.  The world’s multiphase experts will convene at Multiphase 2017 to share the latest developments and provide delegates with opportunities to discuss new research and developments, to consider innovative solutions and to explore technology transfer between industries.