Netzsch presents latest Nemo pump at ACHEMA

Netzsch Pumps & Systems is presenting its latest Nemo progressing cavity pump - the Nemo MY magnetically coupled pump - for the first time at ACHEMA.

Nemo MY magnetically coupled pump
Nemo MY magnetically coupled pump - Image © Netzsch Pumps & Systems.

The pump has been designed for safer and more sustainable conveying of fluids with high viscosity, such as slurries in battery production. The magnetic coupling of the new Nemo MY was developed by Netzsch. A special feature of the pump is its complete hermetic seal, which creates a safer working environment by preventing the escape of aggressive, toxic or abrasive liquids and gases. In addition, this contributes to significant cost savings, as sealing systems do not require maintenance and risks that can occur due to leaks are minimised.

The innovative design of the pump enables operation at low speeds of 200 to 300 revolutions per minute, which leads to a significant reduction in mechanical load and thus extends the service life of the drive system.

The Nemo MY also enables the pumping of extremely viscous media up to 20,000 cps. This application was previously not possible using magnetically coupled pumps. The pump is also suitable for applications that require the ATEX standard and can therefore be used in applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries without any problems.

Compared to conventional pumps with mechanical seals or other sealing systems, the further development of the Nemo offers significant cost advantages. No external services are required to operate the magnetic drive pump. Costs for pressurised gas, sealing liquid or electrical connections for pressure and level switches are completely eliminated.

“With the further development of our Nemo progressive cavity pump, you can look forward to a real highlight. Cost-intensive mechanical seals or other sealing systems are now a thing of the past,” said Roger Willis, global business field manager Chemical, Pulp & Paper at Netzsch Pumps & Systems.

Visit Netzsch at ACHEMA in Hall 8, Stand C27.