Netzsch to open new pump plant in Brazil

Netzsch is building a new production plant in Brazil for its Notos multi screw pumps.

The new building is planned to open in March 2023
The new building is planned to open in March 2023 - Image courtesy of Netzsch.

The new plant, which is scheduled to open in March 2023, will be located in Ribeirão Souto near Netzsch’s current facilities in the central area of Pomerode, in Santa Catarina.

With the new facility, Netzsch will have one central plant for the company’s entire production of multi screw pumps. This is part of the Netzsch Group’s strategy for producing and supplying multi screw pumps for the global market.

“With this new plant, we will further expand in the global market of multi screw pumps and supply our customers even faster,” said Osvaldo Ferreira, general director of Netzsch do Brasil.

The new plant will also allow Netzsch to expand the manufacturing of its other product lines. As multi screw pumps will be produced in the new facility, there will be more capacity for the progressing cavity pumps and rotary lobe pumps in the current factory.

Construction of the new facility is already underway. It will have a 3600 sq m industrial building, a 500 sq m administrative building and a parking lot for 100 cars, 50 motorcycles and 30 bikes.

Netzsch do Brasil’s Marcio Doege (Operations Director), Osvaldo Ferreira (General Director) and Julio Carvalho (Financial and Administration Director) at the site where the plant is being built - Image courtesy of Netzsch.

Ferreira, who is also in charge of the construction site, said: “The new building is part of the plan to support the strategic direction and growth of the company in the coming years.”

Netzsch will have one central production plant for multi screw pumps - Image courtesy of Netzsch.