New high wall pump from WMM

The pump offers a range of patent-pending features, including an environmentally friendly dual pipe system that separates hydraulic oil hoses from the dedicated discharge pipe, to reduce the risk of hydraulic oils contaminating discharge water.

The submersible pump head assembly includes hydraulic-driven wheels to aid high wall ascent and descent, and a hydraulic-driven submersible pump designed by WMM to handle high concentrations of silt and solids.

WMM Marketing Manager, Carlos Vernet, said the latest addition to their world-leading pumps resulted from customer discussions that revealed the need for a superior high wall pump for reliable mine dewatering application.

“With a flooded mine or quarry costing up to a million dollars a day in lost productivity, we believe the release of the Multiflo HW pump will be well received by customers because of the urgent need for a robust and reliable high wall mine dewatering solution,” Vernet said.

The Multiflo HW pump also features a modular design for ease of transport and assembly once on site; uses joystick control of the hydraulic controls for easy operation; has an operator camera for in-pit visibility; and has been designed to ensure maximum flow rates of up to 200 litres per second at 90m head.

The Multiflo HW pump units will be available in July.