New motors power drum emptying pumps

The new M3V and M5V motors from Michael Smith Engineers are designed for use with the PF and TBF series drum pumps. Features include an innovative tool-free motor attachment method whereby the lower section of the motor has a collet style connection. Operators slide the motor onto the pump tube and then rotate a nut to tighten and the pump is ready to use.

Michael Smith Engineers adds that other features include an infinitely variable electronic speed control which means fluid flow can be precisely controlled, double wall motor housing which minimises noise and vibration and a downdraft cooling system which contributes toward extended motor life.

According to Michael Smith Engineers, these new motor options further extend the capabilities of the established range of Finnish Thompson drum pumps which are ideal for transferring many liquids, including corrosives, solvents and viscous fluids. Models are available to handle capacities up to 150 litres/min and viscosities up to 100,000 centipoise.