New range of gear pumps introduced by Clark Solutions

Clark Solutions' new pump. 

The Series UP6 is designed for small scale water and process systems and are self-priming. They provide flow rates of to 6.9 GPM at pressures up to 29 PSI and are available in 12VDC or 24VDC versions.

Constructed with helical bronze gears, nickel-plated brass bodies and stainless steel shafts, applications include fresh water, diesel and other compatible media. A model with lower operating speed is available for lubricating oils and viscous liquids.

An optional built in electronic pressure control circuit is also available. This involves a factory programmed pressure setting maintained via a built-in microprocessor-based variable pump speed control circuit that utilizes an internal pressure sensor for loop feedback.

Clark Solutions says this enables the UP6 gear pumps to automatically adapt to the required flow rate, detect when tanks are empty and stop the pump automatically to prevent damage from dry running.