New submersible pumps in discharge tube for a wide range of applications

KSB Group introduced the AmaCan D, a submersible pump designed for transporting large volumes of municipal or industrial water, waste water, and handling stormwater, drainage, and irrigation.

With optional corrosion-resistant materials, it's suitable for water pollution, flood control, and seawater aquaculture. The pump achieves a maximum flow rate of 8000 m3/h and a discharge head of around 30 m, powered by a standard 340 kW motor.

Developers prioritized high operating reliability and hydraulic efficiencies within typical submersible pump operating ranges. The self-centring, non-positive seating in the discharge tube simplifies installation and removal without requiring anchoring or anti-rotation elements.

Equipped with intelligent sensor monitoring, the pump detects vibrations, leakages, and measures bearing and motor temperature. This enables continuous supervision, early malfunction detection, and the option for predictive maintenance. Energy efficiency is maintained through IE3-class electric motors, crucial for high-frequency starts. Bi-directional mechanical seals and an oil-filled chamber ensure water ingress prevention and provide cooling/lubrication in gas-laden fluid pumping.

The cable gland design emphasizes watertightness, protecting against short circuits even with cable sheath or insulation damage. For longevity in tough conditions, wetted screwed connections are constructed from high-grade stainless steel. This comprehensive design ensures ease of dismantling after years of operation under challenging circumstances.