Our top pump stories in May

Featuring KSB, Alfa Laval and Europump.

Image © Porcupen - Adobe Stock.

KSB’s new wastewater impeller, Alfa Laval’s AI-based pump monitoring software and Europump’s position on the restriction of PFAS materials were the most read stories on the World Pumps website during May.


1. KSB develops new wastewater impeller

The KSB Group has developed a new radial multi-vane impeller in open design that is suitable for handling untreated wastewater.

The D-max impeller can handle fluids containing solid substances and long fibres, coarse solids as well as entrapped gas or air. It is suitable for untreated wastewater, combined sewage, recirculated and heating sludge as well as activated, raw and digested sludge with a solids content of up to 8%. The impeller is also suitable for transporting fluids with a high viscosity.


2. Alfa Laval offers new AI-based pump monitoring software


Alfa Laval has released new condition monitoring software with built-in analytics.

Using artificial intelligence, Alfa Laval Analytics helps hygienic industries prevent unplanned downtime, extends lifetime of valuable assets and helps reach sustainability targets.


3. Europump’s position on the restriction of PFAS materials


Wayne Rose, secretariat of the Europump Marketing Commission, and newly appointed CEO of the BPMA, offers insight into the pump sector’s position in relation to the restrictions on using per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).