Pentair publishes 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

In the report, Pentair illustrates how the company is delivering products, services and solutions to help customers make the best use of resources. For example, 65% of Pentair’s solutions from its Water segment support water efficiency, helping to reduce, reuse or recover water, directly or indirectly, while 75% of Pentair solutions support energy efficiency, by requiring less energy to operate, or by aiding broader systems to operate more efficiently.

The report also highlights initiatives that the company is taking to reduce the environmental impact of its own operations, including the company’s annual “Environmental Treasure Hunt” during which site-level teams look for creative ways to drive efficiencies in energy and water use, as well as to reduce waste and emissions. In 2016, Pentair implemented 55 employee solutions, generating US$714 000 in resource efficiency savings.

“Pentair is a company built on a strong foundation of Win Right values, which grounds our role as a responsible corporate citizen,” said Randall Hogan, Pentair chairman and CEO. “In 2016, we renewed and continued to formalize our commitment to citizenship and sustainability, and this report is an important step in sharing our progress with our stakeholders.”

With 2016 revenues of US$4.9 billion, Pentair employs approximately 19 000 people worldwide.

Pentair’s 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report can be viewed and downloaded here