PG Flow Solutions pumps selected for newbuild wellboats

Norwegian shipbuilder Aas Mekaniske Verksted has contracted PG Flow Solutions to provide pumps for two wellboats that it is constructing for wellboat company Sølvtrans.

Salmon fish farm. Hordaland, Norway
Salmon fish farm. Hordaland, Norway - Image © mariusltu -

PG Flow Solutions will deliver eight large seawater circulation pumps, which ensure continuous seawater circulation in the boat’s well, to each of the two wellboats. The Norwegian pump and liquid handling specialist will also supply a number of engine room pumps that are required for the main and support engines, as well as other general-purpose pumps as required for operating the wellboats.

The two wellboats are Aas Mekaniske Verksted newbuilds number 211 and 212. At the end of 2020, PG Flow Solutions won the contracts to deliver similar pump systems to newbuilds 208, 209 and 210.

“We are highly familiar with Aas Mek’s working methods and vessel design, and they know our pump technology very well,” said Øyvind Berg, vice president of sales and marketing at PG Flow Solutions. “I think we both view our cooperation as smooth and relatively risk-free, while at the same time being acutely aware of the strict quality requirements we always must deliver according to.”

PG Flow Solutions’ seawater circulation pumps have been developed to ensure the best possible animal welfare. The vessel crew can easily maintain the pumps themselves, without support from an external service technician, which keeps operating costs down.

The pump systems will be assembled at PG Flow Solutions’ main manufacturing facility at Sande in Vestfold, Norway, and delivered to Aas Mekaniske Verksted’s yard at Vestnes in Norway.

The two sister wellboats have a load capacity of 3000 cubic metres each across two wells. They are 76.96 metres long, 17.80 metres wide and 5.80 metres depth moulded. They will be delivered to Sølvtrans next year.