Pump converter boosts single-phase input without transformer

Phase Technologies says that the AquaPhase Pump Converter incorporates features of its Phase Perfect Digital Phase Converter with a variable frequency drive (VFD). This converter boosts 240 volt single-phase input to 480 volt three-phase, variable frequency output without using a transformer.

According to Phase Technologies, the voltage boosting input module is equipped with electronic power factor correction, which eliminates harmonic distortion common to VFDs. The AquaPhase Pump Converter complies with IEEE 519, the standard for allowable voltage and current distortion, without adding expensive input harmonic filters. AquaPhase can also be specified with sine wave output voltage to protect submersible pump motors from damaging voltage rises that can occur from harmonics in the PWM voltage of a VFD.

Phase Technologies adds that the AquaPhase Pump Converter does not require oversizing, as a three-phase VFD does when used as a phase converter. It comes in a compact, rugged wall mount NEMA 1 enclosure that can be converted to NEMA 3R with the addition of a simple, affordable rain shield.

Other features include that the variable frequency output soft starts the motor to eliminate line disturbance and reduce water hammer. AquaPhase is said to offer advanced, programmable motor and pump protection features including over/under voltage, over/under current, dry well and much more. Control circuits for 0-5 VDC or 4-20 mA provide the ability to monitor and control motor torque and speed. It is also equipped to operate constant pressure water systems.