Queen's Award for Innovation won by pumps company

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Aspen's Mini Lime.
Aspen's Mini Lime.

Aspen Pumps has been awarded the Queen's Award for Innovation. It is the second time the UK-based company has been awarded a Queen's Award.

This latest recognition is for Aspen's commitment to providing 'innovative, market leading products'. The award also recognises Aspens development of a pioneering range of pumps, designed for all types of air conditioning installation, and its emphasis on designing and producing products that focus on the air conditioning engineer, has seen Aspen Pumps products in 100 countries worldwide. Adrian Thompson CEO of Aspen Pumps said: ''Aspen Pumps was started because there was a gap in the market that needed to be filled. Installers were using pumps that weren’t fit for purpose, that were cumbersome and difficult to maintain. The engineers that founded the company wanted to provide the market with a pump that would be easy to maintain and which would inevitably make life easier for the installer. The ethos of filling market requirements and product innovation hasn’t changed since 1992. We pride ourselves on pushing back boundaries and giving installers what they actually want, not what we think they need.'' The company added that being awarded once for the Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2009 was a huge achievement for this British based manufacturer, but being awarded the Queens award for innovation just a few years later is testament to the dedication, innovation and quality products that is synonymous with the Aspen Pumps brand. The in-house innovation team at Aspen are instrumental in designing market specific products, the most recent innovations in anti-siphoning, sound-dampening and universal voltage technology have ensured the mini pump range is versatile and flexible. Aspen claims that it was at the forefront of the mini pump revolution which 'opened new avenues for installations as size was no longer a limiting factor'. Whether the installation was required above a ceiling, in the trunking or even in the unit, the Aspen Pumps mini pump range fitted the bill. The Mini Lime (pictured)  a one piece pump, fits neatly into the trunking and the Mini Aqua, can be fitted actually into the unit. The Mini Orange, is perfect for ducted units and fits above the ceiling void, whereas the Mini Blanc fits underneath a wall-mounted unit – perfect for installations where quick access for maintenance is key. Following feedback, the ‘Silent +’ range was launched in 2010. As one of the biggest issues for installers is the noise level of the pump, the Silent+ range offered installation ease and flexibility, and some of the lowest noise emissions from a pump on the market without ever compromising on performance, the company states.  

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