Richter expands valve offering

Richter answered to an increasing customer demand for higher flow rates by extending the RSS, KN and PA valve series with higher flow rates. The range extension has been developed with the Richter-typical maximum product safety and reliability in mind.

  • The proven KN ball valve family has been enriched with the nominal size 200 mm (8") in full bore according to ISO and ANSI with kv100 value 6,000 m³/h and Tmax 200 °C. This includes the proven ENVIPACK-stem sealing system and the labyrinth sealing of the housing as standard feature, the valve is ‘TA Luft’ compliant.
  • Richter’s RSS control valve series is a global leader in technology and application. The latest addition to the family has a nominal diameter of 150 mm (6 ") and with a kv100 value of 360 m³/h it basically doubles the currently available flow rate. The reliable RSS is known for its heavy-duty bellows, Tmax 200 °C, interchangeable seat / plug, PFA lining, U-plug for cavitation operation, etc.
  • The PFA-lined PA sampling valve series have been supplemented with a nominal diameter of 80 mm. This allows for increased use in main line applications compared to secondary lines where smaller valves are more common.