Samotics’ asset insight helps customers cut energy consumption by 10–15%

Samotics, the Dutch provider of solutions to eliminate industrial energy waste and unplanned downtime, has launched a new energy efficiency solution to help industrial customers cut energy consumption 10–15% and reduce CO2 emissions.

SAM4 Energy uses AI-based asset health monitoring to provide detailed performance insights and recommendations for optimizing industrial assets’ energy efficiency. It goes beyond traditional power logging and energy reporting to acquire data, identify energy waste, provide concrete recommendations, and demonstrate return on investment. It is a continuous monitoring system which characterizes the performance of industrial assets, identifying where electricity consumption, cost and efficiency losses are largest and why.

With these insights into electrical consumption and performance, SAM4 Energy provides industrial companies with access to a 24/7 energy audit. It generates concrete and actionable advice on how to reduce electrical inefficiencies. Once the advice is implemented, SAM4 Energy tracks subsequent energy savings and carbon offset to demonstrate return on investment. The energy efficiency platform provides customers with a visually interactive reporting tool enabling real-time insight into the performance of assets across a variety of performance metrics.

“Heavy industry is the world’s largest energy consumer, with most of this energy usage associated with equipment driven by electric motors. Yet, between 20 to 40% of the electricity used by these motors is wasted due to operational inefficiencies, process-machine mismatches, and developing damage,” says Jasper Hoogeweegen, CEO at Samotics. “With the launch of SAM4 Energy, we are proud to be delivering an accessible solution to the market which provides greater insights and actual solutions to electrical inefficiencies. This promises to significantly reduce global emissions.”

Samotics has launched SAM4 ENERGY following successful industrial customer trials. One of the trial deployments identified a foul pump at a sewage pump station that was operating at a very low efficiency caused by low flow operation. Following automatically-generated advice to open a partially-closed discharge valve, yearly electricity savings of 40–55% were achieved for that single pump which equated to €15,000 and 30 tonnes of CO2.

SAM4 Energy is the latest innovation within the SAM4 product suite which also includes SAM4 Health – Samotics’ AI-based asset health monitoring system for AC motors and rotating equipment.