Sealless plastic pumps suit aggressive fluids

The C MAG-P 3M pumps have a permanent magnet drive system that are suitable to transferring corrosive acids and plating solutions in surface treatment and finishing applications.

Similar in construction to the other pumps in the 3M range, C MAG-P models feature an isolation shell which separates and seals the fluid chamber from the atmosphere. This sealless design and use of corrosive resistant materials, such as PP and PVDF, make them particularly suited to handling aggressive fluids occurring in process and chemical industries. 

The range includes a wide choice of models which offer flow rates up to 120 mc/h, with heads up to 44 metres and maximum system pressure up to 6 bar. Options include close-coupled drives and universal flange connections to meet DIN PN16 and ANSI 150 requirements.

3M mag-drive pumps are suitable for transferring acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, heat transfer oils, liquid gases, toxic and explosive chemicals in industrial and chemical industries. They are also suitable for pumping low viscosity surfactants, acids and CIP chemicals in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. In the food and drink industries they can handle CIP chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide and pumping water treatment chemicals.