Seepex launches Fast Ship Pump Program

Seepex is now offering a Fast Ship Pump Program to customers who require expedited delivery of a progressive cavity pump.

Cutting typically long lead times for pump delivery, Seepex says its customers can order select pump models in as little as five business days with other build-to-order models available in 2-3 weeks.

The company says it is shifting the industry standard lead time by as much as 75% with certain pump models. The Seepex progressive cavity pumps offered in the Fast Ship Pump Program include:

· Accurate Dosing Pumps (MD Series)

 · General Industrial Pumps (Select BN Series)

· General Industrial Pumps with “Split-stator” Smart Conveying Technology (Large BN / SCT)

Customers should contact their local Seepex representative or Seepex directly to purchase pumps through the Fast Ship Pump Program.