Sensors & Systems process indicators

A range of process indicators and panel meters with new integrated cylindrical tank volume measurement capability are now available in the UK from instrumentation specialist Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd.

The new feature simplifies the calculation of volumes of liquids, gases or solids in cylindrical process storage tanks. The volume of a combination of different tank shapes can be calculated quickly and easily, including both vertically and horizontally mounted tanks.

The new volume measurement feature is available on a number of process indicators and panel meters from Impress, including the SRL-49, SRP-73, SRP-77, SRP-94, SRP-147 and the SRP-N118.

These process indicators and panel meters offer total flexibility in terms of supply options, by offering process manufacturers, OEMs, machine builders, systems integrators and panel builders a wide range of process inputs to suit temperature sensors, voltage and current output devices.

All units are available with AC or DC power supply, input types are voltage, 0-20mA or RTD temperature sensors and provide password-protection. Impress Sensors can also supply process meters with different configurations that can take encoder, quadrature and counter frequency outputs. All process indicators are available ex-stock from the UK.