Sero sets up SHPmarine business unit

Sero PumpSystems GmbH has established a new SHPmarine business unit focused on maritime pump applications.

Sero's new test bench.
Sero's new test bench.

The new division, which is headed up by Dipl-Wirtsch-Ing Markus Katzler, is Sero’s response to the growing importance of pumps for LPG delivery systems in the secondary fuel supply systems (SFSS) of hybrid ship propulsion units.

The business unit was recently equipped with a new customised test bench for high-pressure side channel SHPmarine series pumps. This test bench is designed to record and process measurement data in real time.

On the new SHPmarine test bench, Sero’s high-pressure side channel pumps can be tested in terms of function, performance and safety and are approved in accordance with the Det Norske Vertias (DNV), KR (Korean Register), Class NK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) or Bureau Veritas (BV) classifications. On an area of 400 m², the test facility offers two test benches for engine powers of up to 90 kW - suitable both for the current SHPmarine pump 110 and from 2024 for the new SHPmarine 220 series.

In speed-controlled, fully automatic test runs, vibrations and bearing temperatures are measured in real time, volume flows and pressures are recorded and evaluated, and limit values are monitored. All test cycles, including a four-hour endurance test run in accordance with API 610, are documented so that the measuring equipment used and its calibration data can be traced back if necessary.

The SHPmarine test bench simplifies FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) customer inspections - which, if required, can also be carried out remotely with video transmission of the test runs in image and sound to customers worldwide. Two cameras visualise all relevant test results. Even if the customer cannot be on site, they are still able to attend the acceptance test remotely.

The SHPmarine side channel pump was developed in accordance with the IMO-IGC regulations. In 2019, it was the first pump of its kind to be both accepted by Lloyds Register and to receive type approval from DNV for maritime dual-fuel propulsion. As efforts to decarbonise maritime shipping and avoid sulphur emissions increase, demand for Sero’s high-pressure side channel SHPmarine series pumps is growing, especially as they are also suitable for alternative fuels such as methanol, ammonia or e-fuels.