SPX develops hydraulic pump solution

When it comes to offshore production, submersible well pumps can be high maintenance and can significantly impact operational costs. The ClydeUnion Pumps Hydraulic Submersible Pump (HSP), an SPX brand was developed by identifying the failure modes of traditional electric submersible pumps and designing them out, creating a pump with ultra-high reliability and long service life.

The HSP is a complete hydraulic solution. The removal of electrical power systems greatly reduces the opportunity for equipment failure. Longevity is enhanced through the use of the power fluid supplied from the surface which provides life support to the critical balance and bearing systems. Rubbing bearings and seals have also been eliminated, improving reliability and extending the useful working life of the pump.

Compact design The submersible pump operates at high speed and has a high energy density, providing a compact design which is significantly shorter than an equivalent electric motor powertrain. The HSP is therefore easier to install and with increased robustness, reduces the risk of damage during its deployment. The single shaft design of the combined pump and turbine enables the HSP to be supplied fully assembled and tested from the manufacturing facility eliminating many of the reliability risks associated with rig floor operations.

Overall the HSP system provides a fully engineered solution matched to project requirements and can make a significant difference to operational costs for both large and small scale developments.