SPX MHSI pumps selected for Fuqing nuclear plant

Fuqing’s nuclear power plant will be one of the first deployments of the Hualong One Generation III reactor, which merges ACP1000 and ACPR1000 designs. Hualong One is a pressurized water reactor with a net power output of 1000 MWe and a 60 year design life.

The majority of the components on the FuQing 5&6 project are manufactured in China and SPX is the only non-domestic pump supplier.

SPX will supply the full MHSI pump packages on this project. The pump packages use multi-stage, centrifugal, radially split Nuclear Class II pumps; designed with HAF 604 certification and according to RCC-M nuclear code. The pump design includes adapted suction with an inducer to allow low net positive suction head (NPSH) on large flow ranges.

The pumps will be manufactured at SPX’s Annecy facility in France.

SPX’s manufacturing facilities in Annecy and in Glasgow, UK are designated as an “A” Grade supplier by CNPEC.