SRZS side channel pump in CO design: Highest operational performance even with very small particles in the process fluid

Reliable handling of clean, solids-free fluids at low flow rates and high differential heads – this is what SERO’s side channel pumps are designed for. But SERO PumpSystems also offers a high-performance solution for liquid media that are not completely free of solids: the SRZS...CO side channel pump. It delivers full performance and highest levels of reliable long-term service even with abrasive microparticles in the flow.

As a long-standing member of the Star Pump Alliance (SPA), you will find SERO at Achema 2022 on the SPA stand in Hall 8, Stand D23.

The SRZS brand stands for a comprehensive series of self-priming side channel pumps with extremely low NPSH requirements for industrial applications. The new SRZS...CO (Crude Oil) version for media containing very small particles is an ideal complement to the already proven variants for crude oil transport and for applications with minor particle contents.

Special design to ensure protection against wear
In order to achieve increased tolerance to small particles entering the pump and to prevent the risk of material erosion and excessive wear in the pump, all hydraulic components of SERO’s SRZS...CO have been designed to be particularly resistant to abrasion. For example, the shafts were coated at the bearing points and hardened in special processes. Like the mechanical seals, the bearing bushings are made of silicon carbide (SiC) and are highly resistant to abrasion. The wear plates provided in the pump stages are made of highly resistant PEEK to protect the hydraulics from mechanical wear. These measures ensure long-lasting and reliable operation of the SRZ...CO, for example, when conveying crude oil from tanks in pipelines, in the chemical industry or in refinery applications.

No problems with gas entrainments in the pumped medium
The SRZS...CO is not only capable of handling very small particles, This pump hydraulic design also allows gas entrainments in the liquid without affecting the pump’s efficiency: even in the case of low boiling media with a rapid phase transition from liquid to gas, the SRZS…CO keeps generating the full capacity  without interrupting the flow.

Particle-forgiving all-rounder
Flow rates up to 42 m³/h, delivery heads up to 550 m, a temperature range from - 20 °C to +65 °C, NPSH values from 0.35 m and, in addition, tolerance to particles and gas formation in the medium - the side channel pumps of the SRZS series are convincing all-rounders for industrial and process engineering applications.