Supa-Stelth pumps aim to reduce global pollution

New Fluid Technology Pty Ltd (Australia) has announced a range of 110v - 220v single phase Supa-Stelth pumps.

The pumps have been developed and tested against major brands and are now ready for market. These SS pumps range from 400 W - 2250 W. Based on the physics of a ‘solid body vortex’, Supa-Stelth pumps claim to offer the highest performance of any known pump. SS pumps produce the highest number of litres per watt-hour of consumed power compared to conventional pumps. Conventional pumps, regardless of size, produce 8-25 litres per watt-hour of power consumed. SS pumps produce 45-80 litres per watt-hour. This could allow for fewer solar panels and less costly electrics.

Energy savings

Using smaller SS pumps at higher than conventional RPM over larger standard pumps allows further energy savings. Pumps under 2.25Kwatts account for over 80% of global pump sales and consume the bulk of electricity. In fact pumps alone consume 10% of all electricity on earth (source: Grundfos). Therefore, converting to SS pumps could reduce power bills and reduce global pollution.