Svanehøj to supply 98 electric cargo pumps for newbuild tankers

Marine pump specialist Svanehøj has secured an order from joint venture-company FureBear for 98 electric cargo pumps for seven LNG-/LBG-fueled chemical and product tankers.

A rendering of the Vinga series vessels.
A rendering of the Vinga series vessels.

Sweden's Furetank AB and Canada's Algoma Central Corporation have entered into a joint venture agreement to construct eight LNG-/LBG-fueled ice class 1A chemical and product tankers (17,999 DTW) to trade in Northern Europe. The joint-venture company, FureBear, has placed the order with Svanehøj.

Svanehøj will supply 14 electric deepwell cargo pumps for each of the first seven tankers. The 98 pumps will be delivered to China Merchants Jinling Shipyard in Yangzhou, China, where the new vessels will be built between 2023 and 2025.

The FureBear vessels are built to the same design as the tankers in Furetank's Vinga series. The Vinga design was developed by Furetank in close collaboration with FKAB Marine Design and several onboard system suppliers, including Svanehøj.

By installing Svanehøj’s electric DL pump system, Furetank has reduced fuel consumption during cargo discharge operations by around 25% compared to other vessels in the fleet. The Vinga vessels are fully equipped to operate the cargo pumps with 6.6 kV high voltage shore power. This will reduce emissions even further as soon as ports offer shore power facilities. In addition, electric cargo pumps help to reduce noise on board and in the port area.

“With the Vinga series, Furetank has developed a ship design that sets new standards for energy-efficient tankers. For Svanehøj as a supplier, it is an excellent case because our electric cargo pumps are among the solutions for a ship design that will be an inspiration to many of those who invest in newbuilds or retrofits in the coming years,” said Lars Bo Kirkegaard, sales director, Energy, at Svanehøj.