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Sykes Group introduces the Sykes XH250

Sykes Group announces the launch of its latest innovation, the Sykes/Primax XH250.

Sykes XH250
Sykes XH250

Developed with the distinct requirements of the mining and quarry industries in mind, the XH250 aims to transform dewatering operations in these sectors.

Mines and quarries are continually expanding, reaching greater depths and widths, demanding reliable dewatering solutions. The Sykes XH250 addresses this challenge by delivering higher heads and flow rates. This ensures consistent equipment access to all areas of mining and quarry sites.

Key Features of the Sykes XH250:

  • Versatile Drive Options: The XH250 is available in both diesel and electric drive configurations, and it can be mounted on skids, trailers, or pontoons. 
  • Impressive Performance: The XH250 is engineered to deliver 200 litres per second at 220 meters or 250 litres per second at 200 meters, ensuring reliable and efficient dewatering.
  • Innovative Pump Design: The pump's design incorporates several key features to enhance its longevity and performance, including extraordinary shaft stiffness ratios, multiple priming options, advanced bearing arrangements, and exceptional sealing solutions.
  • Front and Rear Wear Plates: Sykes Pumps' inclusion of wear plates offers the ability to make fine adjustments to the impeller-wear plate clearance, enabling customers to restore pump efficiency without the need for extensive overhauls.
  • Material Options: The Sykes XH250 is available with various material options to suit specific applications, including 316 SS Impeller, wear plates, and SG iron Volute, among others. Other options are Full 316 SS, CS340, CS500, CD4MCU, H7A SS, CD4MCU, SAF2205 and SAF2507.