Syringe pump from KD Scientific delivers full stroke for large syringes

The reconfigurable mechanism of the Legato 270 from KD Scientific, allows the user to change the syringe clamping mechanism to hold from 0.5 ul up to 140 ml syringes. The Legato 270 includes a continuous push and pull pump. When used with check valves, the unit will draw fluid from a reservoir while the opposite side is dispensing fluid. After the user selected volume is dispensed, the pump will automatically switch through the check valves and refill the empty syringes while dispensing from the other side. This will continuously dispense as long as there is fluid in the reservoir.

The Legato 270 is part of a family of Legato products which feature a touch screen interface and an easy to view display. The TFT colour display presents all the pump operating parameters in an easy to view run screen, eliminating incorrect pump configuration. Flow performance is optimised with a small step angle stepping motor which drives a precision lead screw. Accuracy is ±0.35% and the syringe pump has 0.05% reproducibility.