Syringe pump offers increased accuracy

According to Havard Apparatus, new flow control mechanics and electronics on the syringe pump provide smooth, accurate and precise flow across a large flow range.

The pump’s new EZ Pro™ software functions like a PC and contains advanced methods architecture for a pre-programmed quick-start, for example. A new easy-to-use GUI on a colour display allows alpha/numeric reporting capability and connectivity through touch screen control, adds Havard Apparatus. The unit can handle flow rates ranging from picolitres to 220 ml/min.

The PHD ULTRA™ can control remote units 60 ft (18.3 m) away, accommodates 2-10 syringes for multi-channel or larger reservoir capacities, and contains advanced pre-programmed operational modes. Harvard Apparatus adds that it can easily alternate between auto-fill continuous-flow, pulsatile, bolus, concentration mode, daisy chain, gradients and flow programming modes. Applications for the PHD ULTRA in the laboratory or work place include drug infusion, nanofluidics, electro-spinning, aerosol generation and reaction chamber dosing.