Three product launches from Thompson Pump

Thompson Pump’s OVT priming system allows a basic pump to prime automatically. The OVT system offers lower maintenance and operating expenses because the system is dry running, no recirculating oil is needed. Eliminating the oil, in turn, eliminates any possible smoke, mist, or pollution which traditional priming systems may experience. The OVT system has a high vacuum capacity with deep suction lifts of 28.4 inches Hg, and maintains high vacuum at lower speeds. The air cooled priming system has no water levels to check and no cooling system to maintain, making it suitable for applications such as sewer bypassing and wellpoint dewatering.

The Compact pump series has all the benefits of the Thompson Pump JSC series and the new benefits of a smaller compact size, lighter weight, fewer parts, less maintenance, and lower price. The Compact pump is 35% smaller and 20% lighter but offers the same performance as a standard size pump with a 24-hour run time fuel tank. Reliability is increased by the removal of several redundant parts which are no longer needed with the latest diesel engines. Thompson Pump’s Compact pump series includes the Enviroprime system, which keeps pumpage from discharging into the environment. The Silent Knight canopy has reduced noise levels by 3-6 dBA over standard sound attenuated canopies. Additional benefits include added space inside the main compartment, hinged pop-up roof for ease of service, a plug-in float connection, auto-start buzzer and flashing beacon light, and a muffler mounted inside a separate front compartment. Thompson Pump retained the modular drop-on feature of the canopy to allow for after-market availability and easy installation.