Tri-Tech Holding receives $1 million upgrade contracts for 16 sewage pumping stations

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The TEDA contract for automatic control system upgrade work will involve Tri-Tech procuring and installing equipment for the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA), data transmission system and monitoring system, field equipment and large screen display system. Tri-Tech will integrate these into the existing system and expects to complete the project by the end of March 2010.

The TAILZ contract, which commenced in June of this year, has involved Tri-Tech procuring equipment for the automatic control system, instrumentation system, remote television monitoring system and the real-time data relay system using China Mobile's 3G wireless network. Tri-Tech additionally conducted equipment installation, system commissioning, operator training service and optimization of the automation system.

Tri-Tech CEO Warren Zhao said: “We are excited to win the 7-pumping-station auto-control system upgrade contract immediately following the completion of the 9-pumping-station project. The nine pumping stations in Tianjin Airport International Logistics Zone were the first batch of stations to use an advanced 3G network for data communication in China. This network control and operational scheduling improves management and maintenance of sewerage networks, decreases the inefficiency of manual control, and cuts wastewater treatment costs resulting from a redundant workforce and high energy consumption.”

“With the rapid economic growth of these two zones and China's increasing investment in environmental infrastructure and construction retrofitting, Tri-Tech is showcasing our competitive advantages to target additional business opportunities in this sector.”