Tsurumi acquires its Spanish and Portuguese dealerships

Hydreutes SA, the Spanish dealership, has been working with Tsurumi since it was established in 1983. In 2006, Hydreutes became a major shareholder in Hidrovento Lda, Tsurumi’s Portuguese dealer, and the two companies are now part of the Tsurumi Group.

The two dealerships will continue to operate under their current names but will be wholly-owned subsidiaries of Tsurumi. This gives Tsurumi Europe direct access to customers in five countries: France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

“Spain and Portugal may be experiencing a quiet period of activity but this makes it an ideal time for us to invest and secure our long-term future in the region. A crisis may last longer and hit harder than expected, which is why we plan for the long term. We want to secure our position in the market for years to come and our current position and well-established network in the market enables us to expand,” said Daniel Weippert, managing director of Tsurumi Europe.

Both Hydreutes SA and Hidrovento Lda will continue to operate from their current facilities and with their present staff.