Tsurumi delivers more dewatering pumps for Paris Metro expansion

The Grand Paris Express is one of the largest urban construction projects currently underway in Europe, adding four new lines, 68 stations and 200 kilometers of track to the French capital's Metro network.

Tsurumi has been supplying dewatering pumps right from the start of the project in 2016, equipping several construction sections with dozens of submersible pumps. At the end of 2023, the operators placed another order with the Japanese company which includes a series of pumps from the heavy-duty KTZ model range. This pump is one of the most successful in Tsurumi’s product range and was developed for use in tunnelling and mining. There are 17 types of this versatile submersible pump providing flow rates of up to 3960 l/min and a delivery head of 71 metres.

The Tsurumi units will keep the grounds dry and help to time the schedules. Three of the four new Metro lines run in tunnels. Each tube with a diameter of ten metres will contain two tracks. The tunnels are at an average depth of 30 metres and in the aquifer. Drainage is crucial for success as work can only continue when it is dry.

Tsurumi, which as its European headquarters in Germany, delivers from stock rather than on order: Almost all of the 500 pump models offered in the EU, with delivery capacities of up to 30 m3/min or 216 m head height, can be delivered within 24 hours.