Tsurumi Pumps UK unveils tree planting project for 2024

As part of its sustainability drive, Tsurumi Pumps UK will plant a tree for every Tsurumi pump purchased by customers in 2024.

The overall target is to plant in excess of 10,000 trees both in the UK and worldwide during 2024.

Tsurumi Pumps UK has partnered with Carma, a B Corp certified company, to carry out the tree planting project. Trees are one of the biggest weapons in combating climate change, absorbing and storing harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and releasing clean, breathable oxygen back into the air. Trees also help prevent flooding, reduce local temperatures and provide habitats for life.

Throughout the year, Tsurumi Pumps UK will measure, record and publicise how many trees have been planted and the carbon reductions made, so that customers can see where trees are planted and read about the projects and how they are benefiting local communities. There will be a live status report on the Tsurumi Pumps website at www.tsurumi.co.uk showing progress towards the target throughout the year.

All the tree planting that Carma undertakes in the UK is done by armed forces veterans via The Green Task Force, a charity established to solve a number of issues surrounding the environment and helping veterans back into employment.

“Planting trees is considered essential in meeting climate and biodiversity targets both in the UK and globally,” said Pete McMutrie, sales director at Tsurumi Pumps UK. “We want customers to join us in our journey to help fight climate change and create social and environmental impact, so we can register trees in their name if they wish to do so following any Tsurumi Pump purchase.”

Tsurumi Pumps was previously known as Obart Pumps. The company has been a Tsurumi distributor since 1975.