Turbo pumping station for laboratories

The new T-station 75 turbo cart, a compact entry level turbo pumping station, provides users in laboratories and research centres with fast pump down to an ultimate pressure of less than 5 x 10-8 mbar.

The turbo cart measures 395 x 350 mm and Edwards claims that it achieves the fastest pump down of large chambers (greater than 10 litres in volume) for its size.  According to Edwards, the T-station can pump a chamber to the required vacuum up to twice as fast as competitive products thanks to higher capacity backing pumps and is simple to use with a single button system to start and stop.  The T-station arrives pre-assembled and is easy to install.

Each T-station incorporates Edwards EXT75DX turbo pump with a dry XDD1 diaphragm pump or E2M1.5 oil-sealed backing pump and controller to give a nitrogen pumping speed of up to 61 l/s.  The EXT75DX compound turbo pumps feature oil-lubricated ceramic mechanical lower bearings and a dry permanent magnetic upper bearing to provide hydrocarbon- and vibration-free ultra high vacuum.

The pumping cart features a new custom user interface controller which displays turbo speed as a percentage, making it easier for the user to read with a quick glance.  Additionally, it can control one active gauge including APG100 (Pirani), AIM (Penning), ASG (Strain) or WRG (combined Pirani/Penning) and also offers the option of a delayed turbo start, making it suitable for pumping larger chambers.