Verderflex in diverse applications

At a Bavarian brewery, several Dura 25 pumps dose and transfer 1200 hl of beer for filtering every 8-10 hours.
At a Bavarian brewery, several Dura 25 pumps dose and transfer 1200 hl of beer for filtering every 8-10 hours.

According to Verderflex, its pumps are simple to use, easy to control, versatile and reliable way to pump liquids. Verderflex say that its industrial pumps can be used in a broad range of applications.

Anaerobic digestion sludge transfer: Verderflex pumps have been specified due to the high suction lift and the sludge’s solid content. The pumps transfer sludge to digestion tanks, as part of a biofuel energy plant.

Thickener underflow slurry: On the basis of proven performance, Verderflex say that six VF125s can pump 60% to 80% solid content, 1.8 SG chrome and platinum slurry at the world’s largest platinum concentrators in South Africa.

Dosing and transfer of refuse leachate to incinerators: the Suzhou waste incineration plant have installed 12 Verderflex peristaltic pumps as part of the leachate process and injection system. The abrasive leachate is pumped from the collection reservoir, through an automatic cleaning filter and collected in a draining reservoir.

Calcium Hypochlorite Ca(ClO)2 dosing: three Dura 25 with PP flanges replaced problem vapour locking diaphragm dosing pumps Calcium Hypo diaphragm pumps. Sterilisation of water supply is dependent on Hypochlorite being dosed and this water is then supplied to one of Johannesburg‘s largest informal settlements.

Copperas crystal dosing: Copperas crystals (solid Ferrous Sulphate FeSO4) are mixed at a power station to form a liquid that is re-circulated and dosed by Dura 15 pumps to form a protective iron coating on titanium condensation tubes.

Pumping Kieselguhr: Several Dura 25 pumps dose and transfer Kieselguhr or Diatomaceous Earth in a Bavarian brewery’s beer filtration process, filtering 1200 hl of beer every 8-10 hours filtration cycle.

Water based ink transfer: a change to water based inks resulted in final product quality issues as the original AODD pumps experienced foaming problems for this printer. Dura 15 pumps are now fitted onto each print line, eliminating bubbles in the ink because of the Dura’s gentle pumping action.

Filling UV ink bottles:  a digital photo processing plant commissioned a factory profitability expert to eliminate manual UV ink bottle filling. The concept was proved using stand alone Rapide R3S’s & R17S’s, leading to purpose designed filling stations each using 4 x 2 channel R17S.

Filter press feed: an imbalance of low and high pressures can occur as a result of injecting the fluid for a chamber filter press system. With its extended range of accessories, Verderflex claim that its hose pumps ensure a trouble-free, controlled operation.

The dosage of polymers: the dosing of liquid polymers into sludge during the separation and dehydration process requires precise measurement at all stages of the treatment. Verderflex say that its VF and Dura hose pumps can dose the fluids precisely at high pressure and without shear.

Activated carbon: the transfer of lime milk or activated carbon is an essential step in the treatment of wastewater and potable water. Verderflex peristaltic pumps are designed to provide the highest performance whilst having the smallest footprint.

Verderflex state that maximum efficiency, reliability and reduced maintenance costs are ensured when using its pumps.