Verderflex tube pump

Verderflex® tube pump aims to give automatic and precise dosing of ink and sealant, 24 hours a day every day at an automotive industry supplier, Durban-based Reliable Electrical Services, in South Africa. There, the pumps doses 64ml/min consistently at 40 rpm, around the clock.

The process has a direct bearing on the quality of the finished product as the combination of the two substances is used to seal windscreens. It ensures there is no possibility of moisture ingress between the two layers of glass into which a tinted plastic laminate sheet is inserted. Any imbalance in the dosing would weaken the seal and result in the clarity of the windscreen being compromised.

In addition to pigment and glue dosing, the dosing pumps are used for coatings and acid transfer and to feed lapping solution. Remote stop/start and speed control allows the pumps to be integrated into the automated windscreen sealing system.

This model of Verderflex tube pump with brushless dc motor provides flow rates from 0.8 to 1312 ml/min at speeds from 10 to 250 rpm. Speed and flow rate are infinitely variable and the value of all adjustable parameters are indicated on a keypad with twin line alpha numeric display. The pumps are also stackable, self priming and can run dry.