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'Visit a Heat Pump' service launched in the UK

Nesta, a UK innovation agency for social good, has launched a 'Visit a Heat Pump' service that enables people who are interested in getting a heat pump to see one working in real life.

An air source heat pump
An air source heat pump - Image © kardaska - Adobe Stock.

The service connects people considering a heat pump or who want to learn more about them, with owners in their local area. 150 heat pump owners have already signed up across the UK.

The project is designed to give consumers more confidence in heat pump technology and increase the likelihood of switching from gas to low-carbon heating.

Katy King, director of sustainable future at Nesta, said: “Our new service makes it easier for prospective heat pump owners to visit a heat pump near them and ask an actual heat pump user any questions they might have. We hope that if more people can see heat pumps in real-life settings, then more people will have confidence that a heat pump is the right fit to heat their home.”