WES Modular chemical dosing systems

The WES DosingCube is a portable (can also be used for a permanent fixed installation) fully enclosed chemical dosing system comprising a weatherproof polyethylene rotationally moulded enclosure into which is fitted a Digital Dosing pump complete with pressure relief valve, pressure loading valve (or multi-function valve used for DosingCube™ Eco versions), bund leak detection switch.

The polyethylene enclosure IP54 rated, with an integral drip-tray is resistant to most chemicals & has a lockable toggle catch, carrying handles, two 316SS hooks for hanging off a wall mounted rail or IBC and a clear see through window to check the pump running or alarm status without opening the enclosure.The Digital Dosing Pumps allowing direct operator entry of dose rate in LPH. Also, allowing manual or auto operation modes with direct input of pulse, 4-20mA flow proportional control signals, batch or timer control with alarm outputs.

The suction & delivery pipework can be dual contained with the outer sleeves connected directly to the DosingCube. Any pipework leakage is detected by the switch in the drip tray.