Wilo invests in Russia

Wilo has signed a special investment contract in Russia following a meeting with President Vladimir Putin and a delegation of the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations.

“The implementation of this contract means that Wilo will gain the status of a ‘local manufacturer’ in Russia and in the next few years will invest heavily in its own site, thereby increasing added value locally and, in turn, strengthening its competitive position in Russia and on the Eurasian market,” said Wilo Group CEO Oliver Hermes.

The Russian site will act as a platform for all of Wilo’s activities in the Eurasian market.

Wilo has been operating in Russia since 1992.

The agreement is part of the pump group’s localisation strategy.

“Our future activities will allow us to improve our response to customer-specific requirements,” said Jens Dallendörfer, managing director of Wilo Russia.